When you look on new cabinets which you like, what do you appreciate about it? The space and the storage it allows to use is clearly one of the most things about cabinets, but what about its design? And how can you choose exactly the new design that you want for your cabinets? On this article we will talk about the decorative elements of cabinets and how to come up with the combination of it all that will allow you to reach the desired design.

Before we begin, we want to say that the order of the decorations elements on this article is arbitrary, and so you should start with the element that is most important to you and accordingly assemble your cabinets’ design. Let’s begin.

The Cabinets’ Design Style

One of the main elements to define the cabinets, and grant it its “character”, is its design style. Whether modern, classic, vintage or rustic, the design style express many features, such as finishing, colors and other decoration elements we will discuss later on this article. For example, if the cabinets is of a modern design style, the finishing would most likely be smooth and with no engravings on the cabinets’ doors. If it is rustic, its finish would probably be rough. If it is classic, we would probably see beautiful engravings decorating the doors.

The Material

The material you choose for your new cabinets will define not only its quality and durability, but also its appearance. If you choose high quality wood, such as maple, it will be noticed that you chose one of the best options for your cabinets.

The Cabinets’ Colors

One of the most important decision for your new cabinets’ design and decoration. The color of the cabinets is of a high visibility, and so it is a core decoration element. The colors choice can be done according to your preferred design style or it can be according to your favorite color and later on be suited with the design style. As we’ve mentioned above, it is up to you to decide which element to start with and which will be decided according to the others elements.

Cabinets’ Doors Engravings

This is also a highly visible element, only in different of the colors, this element isn’t necessary at all cases. As mentioned on the design style paragraph, some design styles has no engraving element to go with it. Especially the modern and contemporary design styles, which usually has smoot flat finish. But, in cases of classic, rustic and vintage design styles, engraving can be combined beautifully. There are no strict rules here. If you like the modern style and wish to combine it with the engravings that usually identified with the classic design style, you can combine both in your own unique design style.

Cabinet’s Handles

What handles will you choose for your new cabinets? Elegant handles? Or maybe luxurious style handles? What about the new cabinets’ style to be with no handles? If you do wish to have handles you can choose it out of wide and diverse styles and colors of handles to go beautifully with your new cabinets.

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