It seems that every day there are new reasons to try and clear some of storage space we have on our homes, by throwing away, giving away or donating some of our things, just so we’ll fill it with new stuff right away. Right? The storage is fighting to survive our loads of stuff (and how much of it is useless still we insist on keeping it?!) but never wins as we always have something to push in there. And we have to push it because it won’t fit in any other way. But stop for a minute – there’s a few things you can do in order to divert the fight to the favour of your storage. And to your own favour obviously. Here are some ideas for storage solutions.

Clear the Storage

Before looking for storage ideas, you must take action in clearing it off all the things you keep in there but haven’t used for years now. It is time to give away or donate all the things you’re sure you will use someday, but the only thing it is used for is to accumulate dust in your attic or up in the closets. If you believe it can still be used and you haven’t used it for years, it means two things – one, you’ll probably won’t use it and two, it can use someone else. So why won’t give it away and allow someone else to enjoy it today? It’s time to let go of the things you think you’ll use one day and allow others to use it today.

Use the Hallways

We see many cases of houses where the closets are all packed and there’s no available space. A great idea is to use the hallways and order a custom made closets to fit the space in the hallways, without blocking the passage. That way, you can fully utilize the available space of your house and create more storage space.

Custom Made Cabinets

Custom made cabinets will allow you to enjoy storage space that suits your needs as a family. Be it the kitchen’s cabinets or the bathroom’s, if you choose custom made cabinets, it will be designed to answer your needs.

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