So, you’re starting planning your new kitchen design. you’ve already choose the design style you want for your kitchen, and not got to the part where you need to choose the colors and shades for every element and obviously you want to start by choosing colors for the main elements in your new kitchen, which are: the cabinets, the counters and the flooring. On this article we will focus on choosing the colors and shades for your new cabinets, according to your chosen design style. Here we go.

Color Choices for Classic Designed Cabinets

The royal design style, which called classic design, is one of the most ancient ones and used to be the design line for castles, temples and for the residence of the royalty. In this design style we usually see bright cabinets’ colors, such as: white, cream, off-white and light gray. But, you would also find black cabinets to be very popular in the classic designed kitchens. Meaning, the classic designed kitchen, will have black or white cabinets (or some sort of very bright variation of the two).

Color Choices for Rustic Designed Cabinets

The rustic design style is also ancient, only among all people rather than only royalty. It is the nature-like design style, the one that men made in the beginning before there was even the term as we know today as “design style”. And so, the cabinets’ colors to go with rustic designed kitchens are browns of all shades – the darker the cozier, and up to a very light shade such as cream. All of which capture the nature of this pastoral design style.

Color Choices for Modern Designed Cabinets

The modern design style has brought the message of colorful choices for interior designing to the world. Sure, it is also speared the idea of functioning and utilization of the space in hand over the unnecessary variegation that characterize the classic design style. But, in terms of colors the modern designed cabinets are made in much more colorful variations, including blue or red cabinets design.

Color Choices for Contemporary Designed Cabinets

Well, if the modern design speared the word the option to choose more colors and shades rather than only the traditional colors (black, white, brown and its variations), the contemporary designed kitchens celebrates the boldest options. In the contemporary designed kitchens you will find yellow cabinets, orange, green and any other color you can think of – the bolder the better!

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