Wood up Your Backyard!

As we always say, there’s so much wood can do for us when we want to decorate a space, be it one room of our house, an office, a store, etc., but this time we want to talk about your backyard and offer some ideas for wood decorations, solutions and more for a residential backyard (whatever its size may be). It’s time to wood up!

Wooden Deck and Flooring

Wooden deck is one of the most beautiful options for your backyard. It is classic, it is elegant and it adds so much magic feeling to the wholedesign concept, when the floor is made of wood. It is also convenient as the wood doesn’t heat up as much as ceramic tiles would or any other stone-made flooring, which makes it nice to walk on it barefooted, even during the extremely hot summers of Las Vegas. It also goes perfect around the pool at the backyard. Another option is to combine the wooden floor with a beautiful wooden pergola.

Storage Solutions for the Backyard

The more you’re active at your backyard the more things you got that you probably prefer to storage outside (not always of course). And so, custom natural wood cabinets can be the perfect solution for all the things you want to storage outside of your house, including small stuff such as: balls and other kids’ games, ashtrays, garden tools, BBQ tools, etc., and larger things – even up to chairs and that folding table, which you keep in storage for days when you host more friends and family than usual.

Backyard Bar & Barbecue

Backyard bar or BBQ can be stunning designed when made with wood. It can also be a whole unite combining the BBQ grill itself with strong cabinets beneath it, and a table that goes with it for your friends and family to sit right next to you.

Our cabinetry specialists can build almost any idea you may come up with. Whether it be backyard wooden decorations or solutions, at Best Buy Cabinets we’ll execute at the highest quality. Call us at: 702-660-0610 for consultation and an estimate for your project, both free of charge and free of obligations!

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